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Building the future of
Web3 privacy

People joining Web3 want to keep their personal information secure,
while organizations are facing difficulties with scaling and preserving privacy.

We are offering a simple solution to these problems.

Our purpose

To enable anybody to deploy and scale innovative solutions on the blockchain with privacy in mind.

We want to help traditional businesses broaden their horizons by helping migrate their business to Web3.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Our story

Our founders have been NEAR's first Infrastructure Engineers, and Calimero was created as a NEAR Protocol spin-off. In the meantime, they have assembled a team of experienced professionals from companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, Tesla, Rimac Cars and others to help them build the bridge between Web2 and Web3.

The idea

While everyone focused on getting the business from zero to one, we were asking: How to get it to a hundred?

How do you scale your business while preserving data privacy, as it's publicly available on the blockchain?

Calimero was born - with the solution in the form of Private Shards.
Dashboard mockup

What we do best

Ship it, ship it, ship it. We care about helping you get the job done. Be it helping you move a part of your business to blockchain, or implementing a new aspect of privacy to your business. Who’s Calimero for? Companies handling traditional infrastructure, web2 or web3 gaming, finance, DAOs, and governments. There are no limits with Calimero.

Our activities

We’re continuously building our relationships and network by sponsoring, attending and hosting many events, from smaller local events to bigger international conferences.


We proudly support the web3 community by sponsoring and attending some of the world’s best conferences, such as Nearcon, Devconnect, and Token2049.

Hubs & meetups

We are expanding our network by attending smaller meetups throughout the year, usually in association with the NEAR hubs in London or Zagreb.


While it’s important to build the network, it’s even more important to build strong relationships within the team. That’s why we organize retreats and team-building exercises.

Fancy joining Calimero?

Our growing team is always on the lookout for impressive talent across development, design & marketing. We offer some pretty cool benefits & perks and an environment for you to do work you can be proud of.
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