Build a Web3 future with us

Do you want to be a part of the global change? Join thousands who changed their web2 career for a web3 one. Calimero offers an opportunity to do just that: friendly to both crypto natives and people just getting started with this exciting space. Calimero can be viewed as a web2.5 company, a perfect entry point for ambitious people.

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Perks of working with us

We appreciate and nurture your delicate work-life balance. It’s not just about working hard, but having enough free time and resources to relax. Competitive salary, remote work position and unlimited vacation days used at your own discretion. If you’re part of our team, we trust you. And with that, we can all grow together.

Work from anywhere

We have a cozy office located in Zagreb (Croatia) where you can come if you wish to be surrounded by like-minded people, or prefer an office space to work. But going there is totally up to you.

Unlimited vacation days

We’re all human, and sometimes we simply need some time off. When you’re part of our team, we appreciate your free time, and when you work hard, good rest is needed. You can have as much days off as you need.

Competitive salary

When attracting amazing talent, you need the right incentives. Office perks and vacation days are nice, but you can’t really compare anything with a good salary. That’s how you really show somebody they’re needed.

Open positions

From software engineers, product managers, designers, copywriters, marketing people... Calimero is growing, and it’s growing fast. We’re sure you can find a right role for you.

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Explore our company culture

More and more users are getting onboarded to web3, and wish to preserve the privacy of their data. As a consequence, businesses are encountering challenges with scaling and offering privacy. We can help with that - in an easy way.

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