Bringing data ownership
back to humanity

Calimero Network is a framework that enables running and building self-sovereign applications focusing on data privacy
Backed by investors who trust bold visions
Data, the world’s most valuable resource, is at a serious risk

The Dark Side of Data

Data is incredibly valuable, powering progress and innovation. Yet, it's often collected and used in ways that might surprise you, raising privacy concerns.

Ownership Concerns

Personal data is often controlled by corporations, not individuals

False Security

Excessive data collection can lead to identity theft and fraud

Regulated Freedom of Speech

Data controlled by centralized authorities can lead to censorship and restrict free expression. 

Hidden value of data

Companies are reselling people’s private data and building products based on it, keeping all the profits for themselves.

Reclaim data control with Calimero

You are in full control of your data, ensuring privacy, security, and autonomy over your personal information and interactions within the network

No central authority

Calimero's networks are fully decentralized and managed by its members, disabling central authorities to control what is shared and censored

Local storage

Data is stored on user device and all state transitions are applied locally

Unique Digital Identity

Every new network that you interact with gets a new digital identity, guarded by your wallet of choice

Strong encryption

Data transfers inside network are strongly encrypted and fully protected from the prying eyes of third parties
Calimero stands out by bridging the gaps left by existing technologies, offering an all-in-one solution.


Blockchains require all participants to agree on a single canonical state, leading to scalability issues due to the need for synchronized updates.


IPFS is a storage solution, it's not designed for generic compute.


Sidechains are still blockchains, and you still have to synchronize, effectively inheriting the same issues as blockchains.


Zero-Knowledge solutions focus on enhancing privacy and reducing the need to reveal data during synchronization, but they don't eliminate the need for synchronization itself.

Privacy-enhancing technology

Calimero's advanced cryptographic methods and decentralized protocols ensure unparalleled data privacy and security, allowing you to fully control and own your data


Encapsulates complex logic for running node in P2P network with an easy and intuitive setup


Foundational tool for developers, enabling you to design, develop, and deploy the specific protocols that govern the operation of their self-sovereign applications

Decentralized identity

Unique digital identity, managed by your chosen wallet, ensuring user anonymity and preventing censorship.


Designed to be run on any device, allowing you to manage your node wherever you are.

Local Storage

Manage and maintain the data generated and utilized by self-sovereign applications locally


Strong encryption using forward secrecy and post-compromise security with zero trust in third parties
Data fully controlled and owned by you