The only blockchain privacy toolkit you will ever need

Protect your data while leveraging all the business benefits of open-source blockchains.

Calimero suite

Calimero leverages state-of-the-art privacy and permissioning techniques with all the scaling, speed, and performance advantages of NEAR Protocol.

Calimero Beacon

Our Beacon management console allows users to quickly ship their applications without having to manage their own infrastructure.

It operates seamlessly across on-premise data centers, internal networks, and a constellation of hybrid clouds.

Calimero Borealis

Launch a private EVM-compatible shard interoperable with both Ethereum and Aurora.

Our Aurora integration supports all tools available in the Ethereum ecosystem — MetaMask, Truffle, Hardhat, Remix, etc.

Calimero Genesis

Bootstrap a private shard with a single command that generates a customisable shard configuration for development, testing or deploying into production.

Calimero Hive

Install applications and plugins from our Marketplace, right out of the box with no coding required.

Enhance your application by interoperating with open source protocols and applications, from DeFi to NFTs with no coding required.

Calimero Ghost

While private sharding focuses on protecting your data and strengthening trust when exchanging information with third parties, our Ghost toolkit provides developers the ability to generate and build private smart contracts between parties using encryption and zero-knowledge techniques.

Calimero SDK

NEAR Protocol's intuitive developer tooling lets you build contracts in common languages like Rust or AssemblyScript.

In case you prefer Solidity and EVM we have you covered as well with our Aurora integration.

Anything from crypto native DeFI projects or DAOs to Governments and enterprises looking for a privacy solution, we got you covered.

Designed to support confidential native NEAR WASM or Aurora EVM smart contracts.

Designed to support confidential native NEAR WASM or Aurora EVM smart contracts.

Easily interact with the public chain or private shards.

Enhance your application by interoperating with open source protocols and applications, from DeFi to NFTs.

Move your assets between private shards and other public chains seamlessly.

How Calimero evolved through
the years

Calimero Shard

Closed pilot deployments of the private shard with selected customers.

We are in the business of tokenising digital assets and often our client  requests private infrastructure. After a lot of discovery, we’ve found that Calimero private shards were definitely the way to go in this regard.

It is privacy preserving and permissioned while providing all the benefits needed to interact with the public chain.

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Beacon and SDK 

Developers will be able to launch private shards using our managed Beacon platform or on their own. 

SDK will be open-sourced and anybody will be able to launch their first private applications on NEAR.

Borealis and Genesis

EVM compatibility will enable both Ethereum and Aurora users to benefit from using private shards.

Configure and manage your private shard in seconds using out CLI and IaC tool.

Q3 2022


Hive, Ghost and more

Developers need to focus on their core product, while our goal is to provide them will a full toolkit to build applications on top of the private shard.

One click deployment and management of core contracts including FT and NFT standards, multi-sigs, token lockups, streaming payments and others.

On top of that they should be able to build privacy preserving smart contracts between parties in and outside the private shard.

Projects buliding on Calimero

"Beyond interoperability there is a whole Web2 world, which is way bigger than Web3. Blockchains are not privacy preserving technologies and private sharding will open up a set of new use cases in the space."


"Calimero can become a unique bridge between small and large networks and dApps running on top."


"While building Nearpay, we realized that by using Calimero we can provide better privacy to our users, while still having them own their public assets on chain, combining the best of two worlds."


Crypto native or classic enterprise, reach out to us.

If you are looking for a privacy solution in the blockchain space, please reach out to us. Our goal is to bring privacy to the blockchain space and we are happy to learn more about your use case and how we can help.

Speak to you soon. Contact us.

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