Sharded and Private

Secure private shard infrastructure lets you protect your data while leveraging all the business benefits of open-source blockchains.
Built on NEAR Protocol.


Easily interact with the public chain or private shards.

Fully interoperable cross-contracts calls with the public network and other private shards.

Hold and manage public assets, bridge your FTs and NFTs to and from a private shard.

Interact with other private shards over an encrypted channel.

aurora illustration

Seamless intergration with Near and Aurora ecosystem.

Calimero is designed to support confidential native NEAR WASM and Aurora EVM smart contracts.

All tools available in the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems are supported.


Designed for performance

Calimero Private Shards have been built with performance in mind, targeting use cases looking for a scalable, fast, interoperable and cost efficient private shard on NEAR Protocol.

transactions per second

bridge transfer time

gas fee cost reduction


Move your assets between
private shards and other public chains.

For building private or public shards on top of NEAR and Aurora.
Our integration supports all tools available in the NEAR and Aurora Ecosystem.

Out-of-the-box solutions let you ship fast

Our console allows you to quickly ship your applications and analyze data

Open Web Friendly

Enhance your application by interoperating with open source protocols and applications, from DeFi to NFTs

Enterprise grade security and confidentiality

We leverage state-of-the-art privacy and permissioning techniques tailored to enterprises

Ecosystem Interoperability

Our cross-shard routing contracts smoothly communicate with the public chain or other permissioned enterprise shards

Ecosystem one click integrations

Deploy a ready-to-use application from our Marketplace or easily build your own custom solution. Connect to private or public blockchain applications like DeFi, NFTs, on-chain KYC, and more without compromising on confidentiality.


Your Blockchain Operating System

The majority of SaaS companies only run in the public cloud. Calimero operates seamlessly across on-premise data centers, internal networks, and a constellation of hybrid clouds, prioritizing security without compromising on performance.

Uncompromising Security

Our cloud offerings are managed, standardized, tested, and externally audited, with robust access controls that scale to meet your project’s demands.

Store Private Information

We protect your data and strengthen trust when exchanging information with third parties.

Application Marketplace

Install applications and plugins from our Marketplace, right out of the box with no coding required.

Robust Analytics and Tools

Intuitive dashboards let you manage, monitor, and analyze your applications and performance from day 1.

Developer Friendy

NEAR Protocol's intuitive developer tooling lets you build contracts in common languages like Rust, AssemblyScript or Javascript

Unique Domain Names

Assign a unique name to your Calimero shard on the public network. You can also assign subdomains, similar to using DNS.



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