Shaping the future with private shards

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Secure private shard infrastructure lets you protect your data while leveraging all the business benefits of open-source blockchains.

Performant privacy

Utilizing private shards can be immensely beneficial for businesses, allowing them to partially or entirely migrate their operations to a private shard. We bridge the gap between the private and public networks, safeguarding the data on the private network with minimal cost.


Transactions per second


Bridge transfer time


Gas fee reduction

Snippet of Calimero's console for private shard scaling

Calimero Console

Our infrastructure management console enables you to deploy your private shard and start developing, testing and deploying contracts in a matter of seconds. Connect to private or public blockchain applications like DeFi, NFTs, on-chain KYC, and more without any compromise on confidentiality and privacy.

Solving the Enterprise blockchain dilemma

Enterprises have been developing solutions with both private and public blockchains, but they soon recognize the shortcomings of each. Private blockchains cannot provide the same interoperability or advantages as a public blockchain, while public networks, necessitate the need for security, scalability, privacy, and integration with existing systems. We are combining them all to bring the best of both worlds.

Partners already building on Calimero

Interoperable and open-source

Easily interact with the public chain or private shards. Move your assets between private shards and other public chains. Enhance your application by interoperating with open source protocols and applications, from DeFi to NFTs. Use your favourite open-source tools and languages.

Benefits of private shards

Besides having privacy preserving features and enabling infinite scaling, what other benefits do Calimero’s private shards offer?

All the benefits of NEAR in terms of technology and security, but on your own subnetwork independent from public validators

Our cross-shard routing contracts smoothly communicate with the public chain or other permissioned enterprise shards.

Designed to support confidential native NEAR WASM and Aurora EVM smart contracts. All tools available in the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems are supported.

Customizable block times, contract sizes and gas limits.

Bridging the data between the shard and the Mainnet is super fast (5sec).

Predictable costs. Plan out your budget ahead of time by having access to the pricing tiers.

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More and more users are getting onboarded to web3, and wish to preserve the privacy of their data. As a consequence, businesses are encountering challenges with scaling and offering privacy. We can help with that - in an easy way.

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