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Owning your data has never been easier

The Open Web promises data ownership. We deliver that promise.

Get control and ownership of your company's data and allow your users to do the same.

Take control over you data

Host your data

All the data is hosted on your servers.

Reduce your costs

Get more for less by hosting one platform for all your needs.

Better experience

Enjoy the same or better experience then using a centralized provider.


Customize the experience and optimize for productivity.

Your data is owned by somebody else

Storing data with third parties

With SaaS, your data is stored on the service provider's servers, which means you don't have physical control over where your data resides. This lack of control raises questions about data security, privacy, and compliance.

Storing data on public blockchains

Public blockchains are designed to be transparent, which means that all the data stored on the chain is visible to anyone who has access to the network.

If privacy is a primary concern, storing sensitive or confidential information on a public blockchain is not the best solution.

Self-hosting shouldn't be an operational burden

Self-hosting comes with responsibilities, such as ensuring proper maintenance, security updates, and backups. It requires technical expertise, time, and ongoing effort to ensure the reliability and security.

Optimize and simplify your businesses’ web3 journey

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