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Calimero for DAOs

Building the next generation of Open Communities.

Benefits of Open Web DAOs

Full Control

Take full ownership by running a DAO owned community network.

Data privacy

All the DAO data and funds are secured by DAO members with granular access permissions.


Interact with other DAO and public networks.

Plug and play

Deploy Open Web applications to efficiently manage day to day DAO operations.

Communities should be owned by the community

Build ownership communities

When the government spends the money collected from taxes, the process should be transparent to taxpayers. Existing systems have limited access but are vulnerable to inside malicious actors, and the paradigm “security through obscurity” does not work.

Blockchain provides the best way to design such systems so anyone can audit the information inside while keeping some parts private but still immutable.

Ensure full control over your data

Being the basis of ownership -  titles on land or property are kept in a secure system with strict access control on writing and updating data. At the same time, the fact that the system is centralized makes the situations with disputes hard to solve in a short time.

Blockchain can serve as a single source of truth, open to a certain level for anyone, eliminating any friction in actors' relationships in this area.

Easily plugin all tools you need

Since the rise of democracy, the voting process has always been treated as a black box with limited access that should be trusted for the system to work. With technology adoption, information access is easier, so almost every issue during the voting makes people doubtful of the honesty of the process.

Blockchain has introduced new ways of working with cryptography that ensure voting privacy and correct counting of votes, eliminating any potential fraud.

Optimize and simplify your businesses’ web3 journey

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