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Build Solutions for the Open Web

Find a full stack development toolkit for building Open Web applications that focus on data privacy and ownership.

Performant privacy

Private shards can be immensely beneficial for businesses, allowing them to partially or entirely migrate their operations to a private environment. We bridge the gap between the private and public networks, safeguarding the data on the private network with minimal cost.


Transactions per second

5 seconds

Bridge transfer time


Gas fee reduction

Optimized for speed

By eliminating unnecessary wait times and enabling instantaneous transactions, blockchain technology improves the shopping experience and increases overall customer satisfaction.

Don't worry about scaling

Our highly scalable solution ensures seamless processing of hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

Integrate our customizable and interoperable system into your existing infrastructure, and manage high volumes of data, transactions, and digital interactions without compromising performance or efficiency.

Focus on the product

Don't let technical barriers and lack of understanding stop you from adopting blockchain.

We support your blockchain transition by offering a solution that can be tailored based on individual requirements. With our platform, developers can use JavaScript, one of the most common programming languages, to build on the blockchain. This means you can avoid high costs and start using blockchain today.

Benefits of private shards

As if privacy-preserving features and infinite scaling aren't enough, what other things can you benefit from?

Near Protocol

Reap all the technology and security benefits of NEAR on your own subnetwork, independent from public validators.

Cross-Shard Routing Contracts

Our cross-shard routing contracts smoothly communicate with the public chain or other permissioned enterprise shards.

Near & Aurora

Designed to support confidential native NEAR WASM and Aurora EVM smart contracts. All tools available in the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems are supported.


Customizable block times, contract sizes and gas limits.

Superfast Bridge

Bridge the data between the shard and the Mainnet in 5 seconds.

Predictable Costs

Plan out your budget ahead of time. No surprises.
Dashboard mockup

Interoperable and open-source

Easily interact with the public chain or private shards. Move your assets between private shards and other public chains. Use open-source protocols and applications, tools and languages.

Optimize and simplify your businesses’ web3 journey

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