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Right to privacy is an easy choice

Host and manage Open Web applications and components without compromising on data privacy. You host it - you own it.

Take control of your Privacy

No third parties

Stop relying on third party SaaS platforms.

Own the data

All the data is hosted on your servers.


We ensure your data is secure with us.

Full control

Decide with who and how your data is shared.

Tailoring Blockchain Privacy to Your Needs

Public vs Private

In the world of blockchain, every transaction is transparent, which could pose a challenge for businesses requiring more privacy.

With Calimero, you get the best of both worlds - the speed and robustness of a public blockchain, cloaked with the privacy of a private shard. Your transactions remain invisible to the public eye, ensuring confidential operations.

Access Management

Dictate different access levels to your data, and maintain internal hierarchy and control.

Upgrade efficiency while upholding security and privacy, and ensure only authorized personnel can access and modify the information within your private shard.

Data Sharing on Your Terms

Having complete autonomy over your data involves more than just storing it securely. It also means being able to share it on your terms.

With Calimero, you decide when you'll share your data, how you'll share it and who you'll share it with.

Optimize and simplify your businesses’ web3 journey

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