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Experience the Open Web

Don't compromise your interactions - customize them.

Refine and integrate solutions that shape your daily business interactions, promoting barrier-free exchanges.

The Open Web is for Everyone

Open Source

Make use of thousands of ready-to-go applications


Connect to other private shards or public networks in one click


Adjust all elements according to your requirements


Forget the point
that blockchains are slow

SaaS experience with an On-Premise setup

Software as a Service 2.0

Open standards and interoperability encourages healthy competition and prevents monopolistic tendencies.

Blockchain's sturdy security safeguards your customer databases and CRM systems against breaches. Data is securely stored in a digital vault, with access limited to those bearing the right digital key. Each transaction is irrevocably recorded, significantly diminishing the risk of fraud.

Out of the box solutions

Start your blockchain journey with our pre-designed solutions, custom-tailored to your unique needs.

Choose from thousands of open-source projects and applications, and find exactly what you need without reinventing the wheel. Connect your shard to others or to the public network in a single click, streamlining your operations and fostering wider collaborations in the decentralized ecosystem.

Tailored On-Premise

Maintain full control over your operations with our customizable on-premise solutions.

From additional features to custom developments and integrations, we ensure your system perfectly matches your needs.

Optimize and simplify your businesses’ web3 journey

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