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Bring Communities into the Open Web

We empower communities to take control by defining their own rules, values, and governance structures. This leads to greater autonomy and self-determination, while fostering privacy and security.

Open Web for Communities


Safeguard your sensitive community or DAO data


Allow members to become owners of the shard


Decide who and how can interact with the shard


Reuse already existing Open Web applications or components

Why communities and DAOs use Calimero?

Be a true part of the community

In self-hosted communities, members have a greater sense of ownership and participation.

Decision-making processes can be more democratic, with community members having a say in the rules, policies, and direction in which the community is going.

Take ownership over community's data

Centralized communities often face a single point of failure - the platform they are hosted on. Centralized platforms may block access or functionality for users, not allowing them to maintain control over content and user behavior.

We enable communities to host their Private shards and have full control over their data. Through community consensus, they can decide how the community will be managed.