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Startup Program
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Start your journey with us by running your shard for a full month - on us.

Tell us about your product, and we'll provide free credits to cover your initial costs.
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The Calimero Advantage

By choosing Calimero, you'll have a platform that's:
Tailor your setup to fit your needs. Every aspect of your shard can be modified to meet your specific requirements.
Our cloud offerings are standardized, tested, externally audited, and managed, with robust access controls for ultimate security.
We prioritize data protection and enhance trust when exchanging information with third parties
Connect your shard to other private shards or the public network with a single click
Put aside concerns about blockchain speeds. Be assured that hundreds of thousands of transactions can be processed within seconds
Our service is available as-a-service or for on-premise installation on your infrastructure

Partners already building on Calimero

Gain exposure in the marketplace, showcase your development skills, or integrate your product into the enterprise environment - we've got the perfect partnership path for you.

Why Join the Calimero Startup Program?

Here are some benefits you'll receive as part of our startup program


Gain valuable introductions to accelerators and investors to help fuel your growth

Free Credits

Receive free credits to run a private shard during your early stages.

Bussines & Marketing Support

Benefit from the support of our Business Development and Marketing team to amplify your reach.

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