They are tracking you

Nobody cares about privacy
until it comes at a

Calimero is a decentralised P2P network for self-sovereign applications which ensures privacy and data ownership.
Your data, your terms.

Why would you care about your data privacy?

Do you hold valuable data whose mishandling could change the course of your life? Do you not feel anxious about Mega Corps knowing more about you than you know about yourself? 

We at Calimero believe you must defend your own privacy if you expect to have any.

Your data is your most valuable asset. Our goal is to protect it.

Your Data

Share data on your terms with no intermediaries, available from any of your trusted devices

Ultimate Data Flexibility

Choose how you consume and provide data to your peers. Port data how you want to, whenever you want to

Self-sovereign identity

No more giving away of your digital profile to the corporations in order to be verified by them

Private and secure data sharing

Share your data confidently. No middlemen, pure trust

Somebody has to write software to defend privacy and we are on it!

Help us dismantle the monopolies of the Web by building self-sovereign applications and return control to the users.

If you are interested to collaborate with individuals who share your passion for privacy and freedom, contact us and join our community.

Your data is your most valuable asset. Learn how to protect it.

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How to Connect Your Sender Wallet with Calimero Portal

We have put together a detailed guide on how you can access the Calimero Portal using your Sender Wallet. By following our step-by-step process, you can connect your Sender Wallet and continue your secure conversations and business dealings, all while having full control of your data.
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