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power of Enterprise Blockchain

Elevate your blockchain operations with Calimero.

Why Choose Calimero Enterprise Blockchain Solution?

The majority of blockchain solutions only run in the public cloud. Calimero operates seamlessly across on-premise data centres, internal networks, and a constellation of hybrid clouds, prioritizing security without compromising performance.

Enterprise-Grade Support & On-Premises Training

Benefit from on-site training for your developers and infrastructure engineers. We'll empower them to monitor and manage your blockchain infrastructure effectively.

Seamless Integration & Custom Development

Experience a smooth integration with your existing infrastructure.
Our collaborative approach means we're receptive to your feedback, driving continual improvement and customization of our platform to better serve your needs.

On-Premise Installation: Securing Your Enterprise Blockchain

At Calimero Enterprise, we understand the importance of data privacy and security for businesses. That's why we offer the option to run all Calimero services on your own infrastructure, giving you the control and security of an on-premise solution while still enjoying the benefits of Calimero's Software as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Data Privacy

Maintain absolute control over your data, keeping it secure within your business's infrastructure

Internal Compliance

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and adhere to internal policies regarding enterprise service integration

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with strict data management and storage regulations specific to your country or industry

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

 Maintain flexibility and independence by operating all services within your infrastructure, avoiding any potential vendor lock-in

With Calimero Enterprise, you don't have to compromise between scalability, speed, and data security.

Get Started Instantly

Start your blockchain journey now with Calimero.

Get Started Instantly

Launch your network in a matter of minutes
Build new or scale existing apps without transaction costs
Seamless compatibility with NEAR and Aurora ecosystems
Enhance security by defining access rules for your application

Unparalleled Connectivity

Real-time cross-chain smart contract execution and asset transfer
Single entity, consortium or DAO - you choose who owns the shard
Pre-tested applications ready for use

Scalability and Affordability

Achieve up to 200K transactions per second
We handle the blockchain infrastructure so you can focus on your product and users
Uncover new business opportunities by merging the capabilities of Web2 and Web3 with Calimero

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