Easy to use blockchain infrastructure for Enterprises

Secure private shard infrastructure lets you protect your data while leveraging all the business benefits of open-source blockchains.

Why choose Calimero Enterprise

The majority of blockchain solutions only run in the public cloud. Calimero operates seamlessly across on-premise data centers, internal networks, and a constellation of hybrid clouds, prioritizing security without compromising on performance.

Uncompromising Security

Our cloud offerings are managed, standardized, tested, and externally audited, with robust access controls that scale to meet your project’s demands.

Scalable and cost efficient

With a clear pricing model, you won't pay more than necessary.


Use only the features you need, and in the way you need them. Almost all the variables can be modified according to your needs.

Store Private Information

Take control of your data, comply with regulations - we're taking care of the rest.

Shard Interoperability

Our cross-shard routing contracts smoothly communicate with the public chain or other permissioned enterprise shards.

Developer Friendly

Intuitive developer tooling lets you build contracts in common languages like Rust or AssemblyScript.

Calimero Business

Calimero Business

Calimero is available in two 2 versions: Business (Console) and Enterprise. The Console version is perfect for users who are just getting started with web3, and want to utilize the blockchain advantages provided by Calimero. An out-of-the-box solution that is ready almost immediately.

Calimero Enterprise

Calimero Enterprise

The Enterprise version takes a professional approach to find the right product-fit, offering the on-premise and custom deployment, shared workplaces, as well as premium and dedicated support personnel with experience working in regulated environments.

Calimero Enclave

Calimero Enclave

As an additional option, Enterprise users have an option of using Enclaves which run external validators of Private Shards for an added level of security, decentralization and redundancy. To ensure the quality of work, a service-level agreement is signed and clients are provided with a premium onboarding experience.

Use cases

First and foremost, with Calimero being an infrastructure provider, the possibilities it enables are endless. Take a look at the following examples.


Supply chain management

Insurance companies

Financial institutions

Gaming industry


Providing enterprise blockchain solutions

With the focus on the development of services that provide trust through technology. Our platform is built on distributed ledger and confidential computing technologies to develop solutions for fostering and delivering digital trust between parties. Calimero for enterprises is bridging the gap between enterprises, institutions, regulators and Web3. Our team will help you thread a new path alongside blockchain technologies.

Optimize and simplify your businesses’ web3 journey

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