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Unravel the complexity of crypto transactions.

A snapshot of your shard setup, accounts and assets, as well as a real-time overview of all activity.

Live Transaction Tracking

Stay on top of your transactions with real-time visualisation. The Calimero Explorer provides a live feed of all your blockchain transactions, enabling seamless monitoring and management of your blockchain activities.

Digital Assets Overview

Gain an understanding of your digital assets.

The Calimero Explorer displays information in real-time, such as the total supply and the number of holders. This feature provides an accessible, easy-to-understand overview of the asset landscape. Make informed decisions and manage your digital wealth effectively.

Detailed Protocol Insights

With Calimero Explorer, gain an intimate understanding of your protocol. Each block and transaction is just a click away. Access all the data you need to understand the dynamics of your shard in a user-friendly way.

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