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Seamless Integration

No matter your preference, Calimero's Cloud Connect is designed to work seamlessly with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. Our platform's interoperability means you can deploy your shard on your preferred cloud service, enabling a smooth and efficient workflow.

Full Authority

With Cloud Connect, take command of your infrastructure with complete confidence and control. Deploy your shard using your own cloud service account, granting you ultimate authority and flexibility over your resources.

Tailored Scalability

Scale your shard to meet your business requirements. Whether it's ramping up to handle tens of thousands of transactions per second or scaling down during off-peak times, you can easily adjust to ensure optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Your Shard, Your Settings

Adjust your blockchain parameters effortlessly to suit your needs. Manage and modify the number of validators, RPCs, indexers, and event indexers at your convenience to ensure peak performance. Whether it's speed, security, or resource allocation, Calimero's shard management puts you in control.

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