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Increase development velocity

Quickly ship your applications and analyze growth data without implementing and maintaining your own infrastructure.
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Infrastructure as a Service - Focus on Building

Don't stress about network deployment, management and maintenance - Calimero provides you with all the tools to effectively build on top of the Private Shards.

Let your engineering team to focus on your product while we take care of the rest.

Bootstrap quickly

Spin up your first Calimero shard in a matter of seconds on any cloud provider. Start using your applications – without any prior blockchain knowledge.

Seamless integration

We provide a set of SDKs and APIs for developers to start building on top of a Private shard with minimal effort.

Out-of-box solutions

Install solutions from our Marketplace and enhance your application by interoperating with open-source protocols and applications.

Why companies choose

We offer instant shard launches, seamless integration, and scalable options, enabling you to focus on growth while we manage the technical complexities.

Easy launch

Launch your network in a matter of minutes
Use Calimero Console to configure security
Deploy on any cloud provider or on-premise

Ready-to-go services

Select built-in templates for your business logic
Choose an existing solution from our partners
Pick any open-source project to run on top of Calimero


Forget about the transaction speed limits
Tweak the system to manage your expectations
at any time
Focus on the application, not the infrastructure

Have an application and want to scale your growth?

Join our marketplace to maximize exposure and take advantage of our ecosystem.